Commercial Hand Dryer Offers Durability & Worry-free Operation, Says Brand

EnBath has produced a commercial hand dryer that is heavy-duty, durable and designed for long-term, worry-free performance.

Percussion Massage Gun Launches for Easy Relief from Pain & Tension at Home

WeEnergize recently launched its new percussion massage gun that makes recovering from exercise convenient and easy. The massager comes with eight massage attachment heads for different body parts.

Massage Gun for Athletes Aids in Performance & Recovery, Says Brand

WeEnergize recently commented on the athletic performance benefits of massage. The company’s massage gun is available on Amazon.

Commercial Hand Dryer Brand Celebrates a Year of Record Sales

EnBath’s newest automatic hand dryer experienced record sales on Amazon in 2019. This high-speed commercial hand dryer is powerful yet economical to operate.

Massage Gun Offers Convenient Solution to Pain and Knotted Muscles at Home

WeEnergize is excited to share its handheld massage gun on the Amazon marketplace. It is ideal for before and after workouts, stress reduction and general relaxation.

Glycolic Face Wash Brand Discusses the Benefits of Natural Jojoba Beads

Noted spa brand, À La Paix, discusses the benefits of using natural jojoba beads in its glycolic face wash. À La Paix formulates all products in its skin care range using quality, natural ingredients.

Small Carabiner’s Multipurpose Abilities Highlighted by Noted Brand

Heroclip’s small carabiner hook comes with a unique clip-and-hook design and is made of high-quality aluminum for optimal strength. The brand highlights its multipurpose nature.

Purse Hook and Clip System Brand Rewards Customers with Perks Program

Winner of a Title Nine Movers and Makers Pitchfest award for 2019, Heroclip inventor, Mina Yoo, is happy to have her purse hook and clip system available to Amazon shoppers. Heroclip also rewards customers with a Herocrew Perks Program.

Glycolic Face Cleanser Brand Shares Skin Exfoliation Tips

À La Paix has shared a series of tips for safe skin exfoliation at home. This emerging skincare brand has recently released a glycolic face cleanser that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin tone and can be used for all skin types.

Glycolic Acid Face Wash Brand Shares the Benefits of Jojoba Beads

Emerging skincare brand, À La Paix, has recently discussed the skincare properties of jojoba beads. The company’s popular glycolic acid face wash was manufactured using AHA and BHA, in addition to several fruit acids and jojoba beads.

Natural Salmon Oil for Dogs Receives Accolades from Amazon’s Pet Owners

Natural salmon oil for dogs from renowned pet care brand is receiving praise from Amazon’s pet owners for delivering an exceptional fish oil supplement for pets. Sourced from 100% pure Norwegian salmon, the company’s product contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Purse Hook for Table Wows Customers & Becomes Amazon’s Choice

Heroclip’s popular carabiner clip and hook system has recently received the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge. In addition to hanging different items, this versatile product also serves as a purse hook for table.

Countertop Compost Container Offers Two Options for Home Composters

Third Rock’s countertop compost container is designed to make composting at home quick and easy. This bin comes with a removable inner bucket that can be used for the efficient disposal of waste. Users can also choose to use compost bin liners.

Face Cleanser for Dry Skin Brand Shares Natural Fruit Acid Benefits

Natural skincare brand, À La Paix, has recently discussed the role of natural fruit acids in maintaining healthy and attractive skin. The company’s face cleanser for dry skin is a combination of numerous natural fruit acids.

Dog Salmon Oil’s Omega Fatty Acids Boost Immune System, Says Brand

Organic dog salmon oil from Natural Dogs Treats contains natural immune boosters that help improve the health and the overall well-being of pets when added to their food.

Carabiner Clip from Noted Brand Becomes Top Amazon Product in 2 Categories

Heroclip’s carabiner clip, a highly rated utility product, has made the list of top Amazon products in two different categories. This hybrid gear clip helps users keep their belongings organized, accessible and off the ground.

Salmon Fish Oil for Dogs Brand Discusses Dogs’ Skin and Coat Health

Well-known pet-care brand, Natural Dog Treats, has recently shared useful tips related to maintaining dogs’ healthy skin and fur. The company has recently gained familiarity on Amazon because of its salmon fish oil for dogs.

White Gold Jewelry Cleaner Brand Highlights Dangers of Ammonia

BrightDiamonds recently talked about the dangers of ammonia when cleaning jewelry. The company’s white gold jewelry cleaner is available as a 3-pack on Amazon.

Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop-Style Launched in Larger Size to Meet Demand

Third Rock has released a kitchen compost bin countertop-style with a larger capacity of 1.3 gallons (5 liters) for convenient use at home based on market demand. The bin offers an easy way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Face Cleanser for Oily Skin Brand Discusses the Benefits of AHA & BHA

À La Paix, a brand dedicated to delivering natural skincare products, has recently discussed the skincare properties of AHA and BHA. The company’s recently launched face cleanser for oily skin is now trending on Amazon.

Liquid Salmon Oil for Dogs Brand Shares Norwegian Salmon’s Benefits

Natural Dog Treats recently discussed the benefits of using liquid salmon oil for dogs derived from Norwegian salmon. The company’s salmon oil supplement has recently made a successful debut on Amazon.

Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop-Style Pleases Environmentally Conscious Users

Third Rock’s recently launched kitchen compost bin countertop-style is now emerging as a popular product on Amazon. This home composting kit has been appreciated by environmentally responsible homeowners.

Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner Continues to Trend, Receives Rave Reviews

Bright Diamonds’ brilliant jewelry cleaner continues its hot trend on Amazon. The easy-to-use non-toxic powder gives visible results in minutes and can be used for removing all kinds of dirt and grime from jewelry of all types at home.

Healthy Dogs’ Salmon Oil Trends with Pet Owners on Amazon

Natural Dog Treats, a manufacturer of natural pet products, is pleased that its healthy dogs’ salmon oil is now trending on the Amazon marketplace. Salmon oil has been shown to be an essential ingredient in a dog’s diet for overall health.

Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter Brand Discusses Waste Minimization

Third Rock has recently discussed the importance of waste minimization at home for protecting the environment. The company’s compost bin for kitchen counter is already a popular choice for eco-conscious households.

Gentle Face Cleanser & Anti-aging Face Cream from Noted Brand Now Available

À La Paix’s gentle face cleanser and anti-aging cream come with vital natural ingredients that help restore skin’s youthful look with its infusion of numerous vitamins, essential acids, and botanical extracts.

Best Jewelry Cleaner for Optimal Results at Home Discussed by Noted Brand

BrightDiamonds recently discussed how and why its jewelry cleaning powder is the best jewelry cleaner for removing dirt and grime from jewelry at home. The product is available for purchase on Amazon as a 3-pack.

Compost Bucket Keeps the Odors Away, Says Eco-Friendly Brand

Third Rock’s compost bucket for kitchen use now comes with an odor-free feature. The countertop compost bin has an in-lid charcoal filter that keeps away flies and contains any odors before it is emptied outside.

Face Cleanser with AHA & BHA Shortlisted as Amazon’s Choice

À La Paix’s recently launched face cleanser is receiving the Amazon’s Choice badge from Amazon. The product has been manufactured using glycolic and salicylic acids, along with numerous other natural ingredients.

Kitchen Compost Bin Company Adds to Product Line to Meet Growing Demand

Third Rock, a zero-waste company with a focus on providing composting accessories to households, has recently added a larger kitchen compost bin to its collection to help meet increasing demand from the market.