Allen Baler Offers DVD Access to Commemorate Earth Day 2015

A DVD showing how a young couple in Colorado is living completely off the U.S. electrical grid by powering their modern home with solar and wind energy is available for a limited time, courtesy of 4Patriots LLC.

Pre-Order 75th Anniversary Edition of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at Amazon.com

On October 1, 2013, the 75th Anniversary and collector’s editions of The Wizard of Oz will be released on Blue-Ray 3D plus Amazon-Exclusive Flash Drive. Customers can pre-order their copy of this American classic now at Amazon.com.

Amazon Offers Huge Savings on ‘The Sopranos: The Complete Series’

The recent death of actor James Gandolfini has renewed interest in the award-winning HBO series The Sopranos. Now, Amazon is offering the complete series of this hit show at one of the lowest prices ever. Currently, customers can order the entire set of The Sopranos in a 30-disc set at a savings of 32 percent over original prices.