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Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash for Daily Beauty Regimen Hits Amazon

The recently launched gentle exfoliating face wash from À La Paix is now making steady progress on Amazon. This natural-ingredient-enriched formulation is gentle enough for everyday use and is suitable for all skin types.

Gem and Jewelry Cleaner Makes Shining Amazon Debut with Innovative Method

BrightDiamonds’ recently launched gem and jewelry cleaner is now steadily gaining popularity on Amazon. This powder-based solution deep cleans diamond, gold, platinum and non-treated gemstone jewelry in just 10 minutes.

LED Road Flare Kit Ready for All Road Emergencies Makes Amazon Debut

EMERGENCY USA’s LED road flare kit recently launched on Amazon. This comprehensive roadside emergency kit contains three LED road flares, a car safety hammer, safety gloves and an emergency preparedness pamphlet.

Emergency Road Flare Kit with Bag for Handy Storage Launches on Amazon

EMERGENCY USA has announced the Amazon launch of its emergency road flare kit, including a bag for handy storage, for protection from roadside emergencies. These LED flares are suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats.

Jewelry Cleaner Solution Without Ammonia Becomes Amazon’s #1 New Release

BrightDiamonds’ recently launched jewelry cleaner solution has quickly emerged as the #1 new release on Amazon. This ammonia-free product can be used for cleaning diamond, gold, platinum and non-treated gemstone jewelry.

LED Road Flare Kit Keeping Travellers Safe in Roadside Emergencies

EMERGENCY USA’s flagship road flare safety kit is now helping users deal with all types of roadside emergencies. The kit comprises three road flares, a car safety hammer, safety gloves, and a pamphlet for emergency preparedness.

Ecommerce Business Owners Learn Launch & Rank Strategy for Amazon

eCommerce business owners learn successful Amazon product launching and ranking strategies from Norman Farrar, an expert Amazon seller, during an interview by Empowery.

Press Release Writing Highlighted At Subscription Industry Summit

Attendees at the SubSummit, the largest event dedicated to the subscription industry, recently participated in a session focusing on using optimized press releases in marketing strategies, presented by the CEO of prREACH.

Japanese Chef Knife Helping More Americans Cook At Home

More Americans are cooking their meals at home, according to last year’s data by NPD Group. Using a Japanese chef knife can help make home cooking easier.

Artist Humongous The God Gives Cash To University Of Toronto Students

Artist Humongous the God recently wanted to help the community and organized a free cash give away. He videoed the event and shared this through his Instagram page. He is proud to announce that the video has now received in excess of 400,000 views and has gone viral.

All Florida Pool Celebrates 47 Years

This year marks the 47 year anniversary of All Florida Pool and Spa Center, based out of Miami, Florida. The mom-and-pop shop opened in 1971 has become a local staple for all pool and spa needs throughout the city. Miami natives from all walks of life recognize the landmark blue building along the side of Biscayne Boulevard.

VIDEO: Explosives Used to Break into Machine during ATM Robbery, Thieves Caught on HD Camera

On August 13th, two individuals used explosives to blow up an ATM machine kiosk at a Chevron gas station in San Diego. On October 5th, one of the suspects was arrested and is now facing Federal charges. Check out the video that helped the Federal authorities locate him.

Members of French-American Chamber Of Commerce (FACC) Elect Marcela Arbeláez as Florida Board Member

Members of French-American Chamber Of Commerce (FACC) Elect Marcela Arbeláez as Florida Board Member.
The CEO of Lingua Franca Translations Has Been An Active Member Since 2014

Patriot Power Generator Officials Respond to Kansas Tornadoes

Yet another storm knocked out power for homes and businesses tied to the electrical grid. Patriot Power Generator officials recommend having a fully-charged, portable, solar-powered generator waiting to keep the power flowing during and following storms.

Permanent Water Restrictions to Make Alexapure Pro Even More Appealing

California Governor Jerry Brown believes the drought is there to stay, and is working to make water usage restrictions permanent. Water4Patriots officials see the trend the same way and recommend that people acquire water purification devices.

Alexapure Pro Solution for Americans Trying to Avoid Neurotoxins in Tap Water

Fluoride has now been classified as a neurotoxin. Water4Patriots officials suggest that Americans rid their water of a high percentage of contaminants with the Alexapure Pro water filtration system.

4Patriots Offers Energy-Saving Tips in Honor of Earth Day

Earth Day 2016 will be celebrated on Friday, April 22. Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC, which provides products that help people become more self-reliant and independent, will be celebrating the occasion.

Power4Patriots Officials Applaud Preparations for Major Solar Storm Event

Deemed a “low probability but high impact event,” a massive solar storm headed directly toward Earth could result in disrupting communications for years and putting life on the planet in jeopardy.

Power4Patriots Officials Pleased With Increasing Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Power

Federal and state tax credits are making solar power more cost-effective for homeowners and businesses. Power4Patriots is a product that can make it even more so.

National Association of Women Business Owners Honors REALTOR® Jackie Henry Achievements

West Valley Arizona REALTOR® Jackie Henry is the recipient of the 2015 – 2016 Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Her Profession and the Achievement of Women by the National Association of Women Business Owners

Alexapure Pro Ready to Serve Americans Who Don’t Trust Tap Water

Water4Patriots officials have been warning people about contaminants in their tap water. A new poll shows that more than one-half of Americans lack confidence in the quality of the water coming out of their faucets.

Food4Patriots Makers Ready for Fulfillment of Ted Koppel’s Prediction

Food4Patriots officials believe Americans should prepare for a scenario predicted by former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel. A cyber attack against the U.S. electrical grid could produce a run on grocery stores, quickly emptying shelves.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Is Ready When Extreme Weather Knocks Out Power

Thousands of homeowners lost power from storms that struck the South, Midwest and East Coast this week. Officials at 4Patriots LLC recommend that homeowners acquire the Patriot Power Generator 1500 to keep lights on when the power goes out.

Power4Patriots Officials Respond to Renewable Energies’ Record-Breaking Year

Officials at Power4Patriots are thrilled with the news that renewable energy experienced a record-breaking year in 2015. They offer a product that enables people to build their own solar panels and wind turbines.

Food4Patriots Customers Ready for Power Outages… Regardless What Causes Them

Blackouts can result due to a wide variety of reasons and can occur at any time. Officials at 4Patriots LLC recommend that homeowners stock up on nutritious, long-lasting emergency food such as what is provided by Food4Patriots.

Food4Patriots Buyers Were Ready for Southern California Outages

A recent winter storm in Southern California knocked out power to more than 90,000 customers. Officials at Food4Patriots recommend that homeowners stock up on emergency food to be better prepared for outages that might result in food spoiling.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Owners Were Ready for Jonas

The recent winter storm Jonas wreaked havoc on the East Coast, knocking out power and resulting in multiple deaths. Officials at 4Patriots LLC urge homeowners to acquire the Patriot Power Generator 1500 to keep lights on when the power goes out.

Alexapure Pro Ready to Help as Water Restrictions Tighten

In light of more stringent restrictions on water usage in California, Water4Patriots officials strongly suggest that people acquire a water purification device that can eliminate contaminants.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 a Safety Net When Accidents Occur

Extreme weather is not the only thing that can cause power outages for local homeowners and business owners. Something as “routine” as a car accident can put people in the dark for varying lengths of time.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Maker Responds to South Carolina Flooding

Recent flooding in South Carolina resulted in nearly 30,000 people losing power in their residences. The makers of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 suggest that Americans stay prepared for blackouts with a portable generator.