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Celebrate the Festive Season with ‘Lunch With Norm’ Podcast’s Special Holiday Week

New York, NY, December 25th — The “Lunch With Norm” podcast, hosted by the renowned entrepreneur Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar, is thrilled to announce a lineup of exciting guests for the week of December 25th to December 29th, offering … Continue reading

Chatbot and Influencer Marketing Expert Paul Baron Presents Clubhouse Influencer Series

Chatbot marketing expert and co-founder of The Chat Agency, Paul Baron, will be hosting a three-part Clubhouse Influencer Series scheduled for June 2021. The Clubhouse conversation will be based on influencer marketing for e-commerce, specifically Amazon sellers. Continue reading

Amazon Business Training Video Focuses on Influencer Marketing

Amazing continues its tradition of releasing insightful training videos via YouTube. The latest video from the company features Boomn CEO, Colin McGuire, who discusses how Amazon sellers can benefit from influencer marketing. Continue reading