Small Business Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Guest Lineup for Week of January 24

Norman Farrar is happy to announce his upcoming guest list for his small business podcast “Lunch With Norm.” Greg Reid, Diane Boerstler and Brian Johnson will join Farrar on the program starting January 24, 2022. Continue reading

WiFi Extender and Booster for Gaming With Ethernet Port Brand Loom Touches on Reasons for Spotty WiFi Connectivity

Loom, a brand known for its top-rated WiFi extender and booster, has recently discussed the reasons for inconsistent WiFi connectivity. The brand’s popular WiFi signal booster offers a data transfer rate of 300 megabits per second with a range of 2,640 square feet. Continue reading

CEO of eRemede Participates as Introductory Speaker for PMI Global Changemakers Initiative

Ben Sever, CEO of the patient engagement software company eRemede, had the honor of taking part in the virtual event, Agility Champions. The event is the first in a series put on by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Changemakers Initiative. Continue reading

Ben Sever Launches New Twitter Account to Feature eRemede Patient Engagement Software

Ben Sever, CEO of the patient engagement software company, eRemede, has recently launched a new Twitter account. Serving to showcase eRemede, the Twitter account will also highlight important news from the Tampa Bay technology industry. Continue reading

3D Printing Filament Brand Supplies Top-Quality, Eco-Friendly Option at an Affordable Price

New-to-market brand Versipro is elevating 3D printing filament standards with top-quality materials at affordable prices. Currently available in white and black, the filaments are made from eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic and biodegradable bioplastic PLA.
Continue reading

ERemede Is Improving Doctor-Patient Engagement in COVID-Changed Era of Remote Healthcare

Heightened concerns about health, safety, protection, and connection have motivated Ben Sever, CEO of eRemede, to develop and promote an innovative, thorough approach to connecting patients with their medical providers. Continue reading

Ben Sever, eRemede CEO Invited to Speak at Prestigious Synapse FL Summit

Synapse, Florida’s innovation hub, has invited market strategist and serial entrepreneur Ben Sever as a guest speaker for Synapse Summit.
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Chatbot and Influencer Marketing Expert Paul Baron Presents Clubhouse Influencer Series

Chatbot marketing expert and co-founder of The Chat Agency, Paul Baron, will be hosting a three-part Clubhouse Influencer Series scheduled for June 2021. The Clubhouse conversation will be based on influencer marketing for e-commerce, specifically Amazon sellers. Continue reading

Patient Engagement Software eRemede Features in Several Local News Outlet Including KTVN

Emerging patient engagement software eRemede is now receiving attention from Tampa Bay’s local news outlets and the Florida tech community. The CBS-affiliated television station KTVN has recently published an article on eRemede. Continue reading

Patient Engagement Company, eRemede, Unveils New Website and Brand Identity

The recently launched patient engagement company, eRemede, recently revealed its new website and brand identity. This HIPAA-compliant platform was created to empower the patient lifecycle from intake through recovery. Continue reading

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Engagement Software from eRemede Receives Final App Approval

Healthcare tech brand eRemede receives final app approval for its advanced patient engagement software. This HIPAA-compliant software is expected to have a groundbreaking impact on patient engagement and communication between doctors and patients. Continue reading

Foldable, Adjustable Laptop Stand Couch Available on Kickstarter March 2021

Enijo reveals that its flagship foldable laptop stand couch will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter from March 2021. This product has been designed specifically for the growing number of remote workers around the world. Continue reading

Portable Laptop Standing Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Enhances Remote Workers’ Focus

As remote working gains momentum around the world, Enjio is making efforts to deliver innovative workspace solutions. The company’s portable laptop standing desk makes workers more productive by improving their focus. Continue reading

Portable Standing Desk Laptop Stand Makes Remote Work Anywhere Possible, Says Brand

Enjio discusses how its portable standing desk laptop makes working remotely possible. The laptop standing desk is designed for ultimate comfort and productivity, regardless of the user’s physical location. Continue reading

Foldable Laptop Stand Desk for Flexible Digital Nomads Launches

Enjio has recently announced the launch of its maiden product, a foldable laptop stand desk. The company is dedicated to designing innovative products that make remote working fun, comfortable and productive. Continue reading

Foldable Laptop Stand Table Riser for Bed Creates Remote Work Space, Brand Advises

Enjio has designed a foldable laptop stand riser to create remote workspaces in unconventional places. The product is ideal for those who have a limited space to work in, and it provides an easy way to break workplace monotony. Continue reading

Car Finance for Poor Credit Possible With Decentralized Blockchain System, Says Carnomaly

Carnomaly introduces CarrDefi, a decentralized blockchain system that connects real-time lenders to real-time borrowers, reducing the challenges traditionally faced with poor credit car finance. Continue reading

Wireless Earbuds Brand Provides Bluetooth 5.0 Technology to Impressed Customers

TBI Pro provides crisp, clear sound to headphone users with its wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. AIRPRO earbuds provide a distortion-free, fast, and stable signal transmission of up to 50 feet. Continue reading

Reusable Earplugs: A Must Have For Overall Safety While Riding Motorcycles, Says Brand

Overall safety during motorsports also requires the use of reusable earplugs as recommended by the hearing protection brand, EarPeace. Medium, high and max filters provide in-ear protection for safer volumes during loud adventures. Continue reading

Noise-Reducing Earplugs Brand Shares the Dynamics of Hearing Loss

EarPeace, the leading brand for hearing protection during live music and entertainment, motorsports and safety, discussed the dynamics of hearing loss. The brand’s noise-reducing earplugs are precision-designed to offer clear, crisp sounds at a safer volume. Continue reading

Amazon Ranking Maintenance Chatbot Service Launched by The Chat Agency

The Chat Agency has recently announced the official launch of its new Amazon keyword ranking maintenance service. The company is also offering a chatbot rebate service for its purpose-built chatbots to help users profitably achieve their business goals, which are 100% compliant with Amazon terms of service. Continue reading

PhotoStick, a Seamless File & Media Backup Solution, Launches

The photo stick backup system is a USB-like device, that helps users harmlessly backup their files. The photo stick seems like any other USB drive at first glance and has a similar function in assisting the storage. Continue reading

KOYA Launches “Essentially Kind” to Thank Essential Workers

KOYA Innovations recently announced its latest “tech for good” initiative — essentiallyKIND. The KOYA team created the new digital platform designed as a gratitude campaign for essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Hypoallergenic and Reusable Earplugs for Professional Grade Hearing Protection

EarPeace reusable earplugs can help to prevent ear damage from loud music. The concert earplugs come in a milled aluminum case to keep them clean and safe until their next use. Continue reading

Noise Reducing Earplugs for Concerts Become Amazon’s Choice

EarPeace’s noise reducing earplugs with hearing protection have recently been chosen as an Amazon’s Choice product. These high-fidelity earplugs are ideally suited for music festivals, DJs, and musicians. Continue reading

Hearing Amplifiers Help Improve Hearing in any Environment

BHearing personal hearing amplifiers from Jabees are now helping users understand conversations better, regardless of the environment. The device functions as hearing aid and helps create a personalized hearing profile. Continue reading

Brand Behind Night Vision Driving Glasses Comments on Alarming Statistics

According to surveys, more than half of car-accident deaths occur at night. HiTek Spek’s newest product, Acuity NightDrive EyeWear, contains patented melanin-infused lenses that the brand says will be a night vision driving game-changer. Continue reading

Night Vision Driving Glasses with Groundbreaking Melanin Lenses Launch

Acuity NightDrive EyeWear, innovative night driving glasses from HiTek Speks, uses patented synthetic melanin-infused lenses to enhance vision while driving at night. This specially designed eyewear is now available as a Kickstarter reward for project backers. Continue reading