Kathi Burns

SBDC Women In Business Expo Features Keynote by Author Kathi Burns

The SBDC presents a fabulous day of learning and networking during the ‘Women In Business Expo’ Friday October 31st. Topics include lessons learned from successful women business owners including “Presentation Skills For Success” by keynote speaker and stylist Kathi Burns. Continue reading

How to Get Organized & Instantly Improve Your Productivity Aired April 3, 2014

Technology has society running fast and furious. While navigating between texts, emails, Skype and instant messaging, people are scrambling to keep pace and move at the speed of light. Maintaining, or trying to coordinate the constant flow of information leaves consumers in a haze and productivity suffers. There are proven tactics that can be implemented to deflect, move forward and keep focus on end goals. This 3rd in the series of Get Organized Google Hangouts titled How to Get Organized & Instantly Improve your Productivity with Kathi Burns and Alex Mandossian provided solid tips to reach goals without getting sidetracked by technology and other daily demands. Continue reading

Getting Organized Helps Save The Planet

Being disorganized affects every area of our life, including over-consumption. We reach for our stapler and then can’t find it. We need it now so we head out the door to pick up another one real quick! A month goes by and we find the original accidentally when we are searching for something else. Now we have two. Continue reading