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Dr. Charles Kinuthia Launches New Book on Achieving Total Wealth Fitness

Dr. Charles Kinuthia, world-renowned business coach, entrepreneur, speaker, educator has just launched his latest book “Unlimited Possibilities” that is centered around helping people get their financial life in order.

Joe Frazzette Of Wisdom Cafe Releases New Fiction Novel On How To Master The Mind

Joe Frazzette, author and entrepreneur of Wisdom Cafe, has released a new fiction novel titled, “Master or Servant”. The book is a companion to Frazzette’s non-fiction book, “Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula.” Both books cover the subject of self-hypnosis, and meditation.

  • Date: Sep 11, 2015
  • Category: Health

Partnership Helps Executives Change Their Decision Making For The Greater Good

Grey Matter’s International announces a ground breaking partnership that raises the bar higher and will help the brain’s of our world leaders to truly change their decisions for the greater good.