• Date: Jan 17, 2020
  • Category: Health

Longevity Expert Introduces Longevity InSight Dream Team Program

Michelle T. Jones, an experienced longevity expert, has recently announced the launch of the Longevity InSight Dream Team Program, which is available through her company’s website.

90-Day Program to “Find-Get-Keep-Build” Exceptional Relationships Launched

Relationship Minibooks has released a new 90-day program that helps people looking for love to find-get-keep-build exceptional relationships. The program is divided into workbooks with questions and exercises and videos.

Percussion Massage Gun Launches for Easy Relief from Pain & Tension at Home

WeEnergize recently launched its new percussion massage gun that makes recovering from exercise convenient and easy. The massager comes with eight massage attachment heads for different body parts.

Massage Gun for Athletes Aids in Performance & Recovery, Says Brand

WeEnergize recently commented on the athletic performance benefits of massage. The company’s massage gun is available on Amazon.

Massage Gun Offers Convenient Solution to Pain and Knotted Muscles at Home

WeEnergize is excited to share its handheld massage gun on the Amazon marketplace. It is ideal for before and after workouts, stress reduction and general relaxation.

Salmon Oil for Dogs Receives Rave Reviews from Pet Owners on Amazon

Natural Dog Treats’ recently launched salmon oil for dogs is now receiving excellent ratings on Amazon. Many pet owners have strongly recommended this product as a natural source of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Kegel Balls May Help Women Increase Bladder Control, Says Brand

Stone’s Goods Inc., the Ontario-based company, has recently highlighted the effectiveness of using kegel balls for increasing bladder control as a part of its recent campaign promoting the importance of women’s health.

Kegel Balls Cyber Monday Promotion by Stone’s Goods Running on Amazon

Stone’s Goods, the Ontario based company, has recently relaunched a large promotion on its line of kegel balls in the Amazon Marketplace for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Neck Support Pillow Trends, Keeps Users Comfy on Long Plane Rides

Xtreme Comforts’ recently launched neck support pillow is now making long air travels comfortable by helping users maintain proper posture. This memory foam travel cushion also helps relieve pressure points and increases blood flow.

Gifts for Seniors with Fitness Theme Benefits Discussed by Lifestyle Brand

Healthy Seniors, a lifestyle company dedicated to improving the lives of older people, discusses why exercise is so vital to living longer and feeling better. Its exercise kits make thoughtful gifts for seniors during the holidays.

Kegel Balls Seller Comments on the Varieties Available in the Market

Stone’s Goods Inc., the Ontario-based company, has recently highlighted the effectiveness of various kinds of kegel balls available in the market and how women can go about choosing the right set for themselves.

Nail Fungus Treatment & Cure Under the Nail Becomes Amazon’s Choice

Gold Mountain Beauty’s popular product, Fungal Nail Eliminator, recently received the Amazon’s Choice badge. This nail fungus treatment & cure under the nail contains 1% tolnaftate, sea buckthorn oil, and omega 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Gifts for Grandparents Brand Launches to Help Seniors Stay Healthy

Healthy Seniors, a healthy lifestyle brand for elders, is now helping older people incorporate exercises in their daily routine. The age-appropriate exercise products are excellent gifts for grandparents.

Kegel Balls May Help Women Recover their Health Post Childbirth

Stone’s Goods Inc, the Ontario based company, has recently highlighted the effectiveness of using kegel balls for pregnant women looking to recover their pre-pregnancy body post-childbirth.

Wedge Pillow Discussed as Low-Cost Alternative to Adjustable Beds

Xtreme Comforts discusses how its wedge pillow is an economical option over high-priced adjustable beds.

Gifts for Grandparents that Promote Wellness Discussed by Noted Brand

Healthy Seniors Exercises, a brand offering exercise kits suitable for the elderly, discusses how the exercise kits promote wellness and make great gifts for grandparents this holiday season or at any other time during the year.

Psoriasis Nappy Cream for Babies Warmly Received by Amazon UK Shoppers

Mori of Norway’s recently launched product, Nappy Cream for babies, is now receiving recommendations on Amazon UK as an effective psoriasis cream. This 99% natural and unscented product protects and soothes the nappy area’s delicate skin.

Gifts for Grandparents to Stay Active & Healthy Make a Splash on Amazon

Seniors can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with simple-to-do exercises provided in Healthy Seniors Exercise sets. Each kit contains step by step instructions for a low impact workout that can be easily done in the comfort of a chair.

Strongest Nail Fungus Treatment Discussed in Buzzfeed Article

Gold Mountain Beauty’s Fungal Nail Eliminator was recently mentioned on Buzzfeed. One of the strongest nail fungus treatment alternatives, this product is a potent combination of tolnaftate, sea buckthorn oil, and omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids.

Bath Bombs Gift Set for Women Living Organic Lifestyle Now on Amazon

A recently launched nutraceutical bath bombs gift set from Pure Scentum is set to become a highly anticipated gift this Christmas. Each bath bomb for sensitive skin is unique, consisting of skin friendly Kale, kelp for acne sufferers, and collagen.

Full-Body Exfoliator for Detoxifying & Rejuvenating the Skin Hits Amazon

SmitCo LLC, an experienced Amazon seller with a registered trademark, recently launched its new body exfoliator via Amazon. This exfoliating kit was designed to help users get rid of all types of skin impurities and toxins.

Baby Oil with Natural Ingredients Earns Praise from Happy Amazon UK Users

Mori of Norway’s recently launched natural baby oil has begun receiving positive reviews from shoppers on Amazon UK. This natural, unscented baby oil is AllergyCertified, carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and is COSMOS-certified.

Best Toenail Fungal Treatment Formula Achieves Top Pick in Bustle Article

Gold Mountain Beauty’s Fungal Nail Eliminator was recently named as the best toenail fungal treatment in an article published by Bustle. With clinically proven natural ingredients, the product helps eliminate fungal infections and irritants.

Organic Fertility Booster from Holistic Startup Boosts Fertility Naturally

TrulyHealthyMe, a startup helping individuals increase their fertility naturally and holistically, has announced its official launch with three unique products, including the first all-organic fertility booster.

Exfoliating Face Wash Cleanser with Hydroxy Acids Maintains Youthful Skin

Hydroxy Cleanse is an exfoliating face wash cleanser that reduces the signs of aging and keeps skin young-looking. The product is suitable for individuals with all skin types.

Body Scrubbers for Use in Shower to Exfoliate the Skin Get a Makeover

SmitCo LLC has made improvements to its exfoliating kits. The body scrubbers for use in shower exfoliate the skin, and each set comprises four scrubbing gloves and a back scrubber that is great for back acne.

Nappy Rash Cream and Baby Oil with Organic Ingredients Now on Amazon

Mori of Norway is excited to announce the launch of its nappy rash cream and baby oil on Amazon. The nappy cream contains all-natural ingredients and can be used for sores, wounds and rashes.

  • Date: Oct 24, 2019
  • Category: Health

Fungus Toenail Treatment from Noted Seller Relaunches on Amazon

Perfect Nail Solution recently re-launched its Natural 2-Step Topical Anti-Fungal Solution via Amazon. Made with natural essential oils, this product helps get rid of discolored and thick nails without expensive doctor appointments.

  • Date: Oct 17, 2019
  • Category: Health

Toenail Fungus Treatment Restores Toenail Health Naturally, Says Brand

Perfect Nail Solutions’ toenail fungus treatment solution contains natural extracts that restore toenails damaged by a fungal infection. The fungal treatment for toenails is easy to apply, and results are visible within a short time.