Space Clearing

Best-Selling Author Recommends Clearing Home with Sage

Whether one is a fan of “The Long Island Medium”, Theresa Caputo’s successful television show, or attends worship services to celebrate their faith, most have seen burning incense or herbs used in the context of a ritual, part of a spiritual experience. The burning of the Sage – sometimes combined with other herbs to create a specific result – is what is involved in a Sage & Smudge Clearing. Continue reading

Award Winning Author Explains Clearing a Haunted House.

On her successful television show, “The Long Island Medium”, Theresa Caputo burns sage to release negative energy and ghosts from homes and businesses. Diane Ronngren, author of the award winning book, Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide, says that most people are unaware of how much damage negative energy can do to a home and family – especially at Halloween. Continue reading