Food4Patriots Reviews Rave About Product

More than two years after Food4Patriots was introduced, buyers are continuing to rave about the emergency food kits on the customer review website. Continue reading

Food4Patriots Donates Emergency Food to Winter Storm Victims

In order to help victims of the numerous snowstorms and blizzards that have been hitting the Northeast this winter, Food4Patriots has donated a three-month emergency food kit to the Worcester Food Bank. Continue reading

Food4Patriots Applauds Pope for Statements Regarding Food

Pope Francis is calling on the world to deal with food-related problems, including shortages and food waste. Food4Patriots commends the Pope for his comments and encourages Americans to stop wasting food and to stock up on nutritious food for an emergency. Continue reading

Food4Patriots Agrees with Study Linking TV Viewing with Poor Eating Habits

In a study that probably surprised no one, unhealthy eating habits were linked to excessive TV viewing. Food4Patriots encourages Americans to eat nutritious food now and stockpile healthy food for the future. Continue reading

Food4Patriots Customers Ecstatic with Product

Food4Patriots customers continue to offer high praise for the company’s emergency food products following the introduction of a customer review website. Continue reading

TheBlaze Blind Taste Test Produces Rave Reviews for Food4Patriots

Great taste might not be the first thought that comes to mind when emergency food is the topic of conversation. But a blind taste test revealed that Food4Patriots survival food satisfies the palate as much as the stomach. Continue reading

4Patriots Introduces Food4Patriots Review Site

Food4Patriots has made it easy for customers to review its food products with a new website devoted to user feedback. Continue reading