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Underseat Luggage with Useful Features Makes Impressive Amazon Debut

GearMaart’s recently launched underseat carry on luggage is making steady progress on Amazon. This TSA-approved backpack relieves users from the stress and discomfort of traveling with its innovative features.

Succulent Planter Gets Amazon’s Choice, Shoppers Discover Health Benefits

H Potter’s succulent planter pots have recently earned the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge. Each set of the product contains two small pots with an antique copper finish.

Amazon Conference Speakers for SELLERFEST Lithuania Announced

Conference speakers for the much anticipated Amazon seller international conference, SELLERFEST, have been announced. The conference will feature Amazon FBA experts from all over the world, taking place September 14-15, 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cool Gel Pillow Demand Increases Globally, Popular Brand Comments on Benefits

The global pillow market is increasing, with a particular growth seen in pillows containing therapy and cooling benefits. Xtreme Comforts, the brand behind popular memory foam pillows, comments on this rising trend.

Chrome Extension Helps Identify Faulty Reviews on Amazon Products

A Google Chrome extension named Fakespot is now being used by Amazon customers to detect fraudulent product reviews. The said extension rates Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board with Knife Set with grade A, which means the percentage of authentic reviews is fairly high.

Damascus Chef Knife Makes Cooking Comfortable with Useful Features

The Damascus chef knife, a product from KUMA, makes lives easier for pro chefs as well as home cooks with its versatile features. These ultra-strong and durable knives provide long-lasting sharpness along with a balanced and comfortable grip.

Carry On Underseat Luggage Brand Advises Travelers on Airline Restrictions

GearMaart’s recently launched underseat carry on luggage is steadily earning the trust of Amazon shoppers. This TSA-approved travel bag has all the attributes of multipurpose travel gear.

Kenyan Orphanage Project Begins Volunteer Water Program for Students

An orphanage in Kenya that promotes entrepreneurial spirit expands a water initiative into the community.

Amazon Product Launch & Ranking Strategies Featured In Expert Interview

Orange Klik releases a new YouTube video, which sheds light on successful product launches on Amazon using the latest strategies, including press releases.

PingPong Named Top 100 Cross-Border Fintech by FXC Intelligence

FXC Intelligence ranked PingPong one of the world’s Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies from a field of more than 13,000 fintechs.

Business Coaching & Strategy Course Launched by Renowned Speaker

Caroline Salette releases an intensive new business coaching & strategy course for the dissatisfied real estate broker.

Succulent Planter from Experienced Seller Makes Impressive Relaunch on Amazon

H Potter’s relaunched Succulent Planter Pots are making an immediate impact on Amazon. These beautifully designed and handcrafted plant pots can be used anywhere to add a touch of elegance to any ambiance.

Effects of Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Highlighted by Brand

Xtreme Comforts, an experienced brand delivering quality sleep accessories, has recently introduced its new cooling memory foam pillow, manufactured from a premium fiber blend that ensures the highest level of user comfort and cooling.

Chef’s Knife Maker Comments on the Importance of Material Selection

KUMA, an experienced manufacturer of different types of kitchen knives, has recently discussed the importance of selecting the right material for creating high-quality knives. KUMA’s chefs knife is a top-rated Amazon product with a huge clientele.

Amazon FBA Video Shares Expert’s Proven Tips to Find Top Products

In a recently released YouTube video from Amazon training leader Amazing, experienced Amazon seller Greg Mercer has shared two extremely effective tips for sourcing high-quality products from overseas suppliers.

Underseat Carry On Luggage Helps Secure All Travel Essentials

GearMaart’s recently launched underseat carry on luggage is steadily earning the trust of Amazon shoppers. This TSA-approved travel bag has all the attributes of multipurpose travel gear.

Girls’ Secret Journal and Diary Boosts Creativity, Expression of Thoughts

SmitCo is excited to announce the launch of its girls’ journal on Amazon. The secret hardcover journal has 300 double-sided lined pages, a heart-shaped lock and two silver keys for little girls, providing tons of ways to create and imagine.

Silicone Reusable Food Bag Brand Comments on Environmental Impact

Urban Noon comments on the environmental impact one-use plastic bags have and how a reusable silicone food bag, recently launched by the culinary brand, can be an excellent alternative for people caring about the environment.

  • Date: Aug 20, 2019
  • Category: Pets

Oldest Living Cat News Revealed by Popular Cat-Centric Website, a popular website dedicated to all things cat, has recently published an article revealing that the oldest living cat in the US has celebrated his 31st birthday.

  • Date: Aug 20, 2019
  • Category: Health

Travel Electric Sonic Toothbrush Launched on Amazon

Dental Duty is excited to announce the release of its ultrasonic electric toothbrush for adults on Amazon. The rechargeable toothbrush comes with three replacement brush heads and a travel pack.

New Cool Gel Pillow with Memory Foam Addresses Overheating & Allergy Problems

Xtreme Comforts, the brand behind top rated bed pillows, highlights the hypoallergenic and cooling features of its newest gel memory foam pillow.

  • Date: Aug 15, 2019
  • Category: Sports

Resistance Bands from Popular Brand Make It to NFL Locker Rooms

WODFitters has recently collaborated with a full-service NFL Player Agency, Sportstars, to send a gift box containing the company’s resistance band set and foam roller to the agency’s clients.

Underseat Carry On Luggage Bags Make Traveling Easy, Launched on Amazon

GearMaart is excited to announce the launch of its underseat carry on luggage bags on Amazon. The bags fall within TSA measurement guidelines while still affording travelers plenty of storage.

Sushi Knife Made of Damascus Steel Applauded for Strength and Comfort

KUMA’s popular sushi knife is quickly emerging as a popular product on Amazon. Made of premium Japanese Damascus steel, the product has received accolades for its strength, longevity and comfort.

Amazon Business Supplier Search With Alibaba Demonstrated by Expert

Rich Henderson goes over the benefits of Alibaba, a platform that facilitates overseas manufacturer relationships for Amazon sellers, in the newest YouTube video released by popular Amazon training leader, Amazing.

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