Mothers Day Gift: All Things Eternal Shop Unveils Celestial Personalized Jewelry and Acrylic Plaques

Burlington, Vermont. April 18th, 2024 – All Things Eternal, the beloved brand centered around positive and mindful products, is thrilled to announce the launch of two captivating product ranges on their Etsy store, the All Things Eternal Shop. With a … Continue reading

Self-Transformation & Ancient Techniques – A Response to Societal Collapse

Is society on track for a collapse as argued by MIT scientists in the 1970’s? Is a complex systems failure imminent? Is Earth at its climatic tipping point? Will food supply and natural resources run out? Will pollution levels rise? … Continue reading

New Life Map & Vision Board Combination Framework Released by Dezzein Intl.

Dezzein International has recently created the 3D life VisionTM template to help individuals create their unique life map. A cross between a personal life map and vision board, this framework allows people to build solid foundations for their lives. Continue reading

Most Effective Daily Planner Achieves Greater Results While Saving Time & Energy

Business coach, Barbara Jascht, is offering her most effective daily planner, designed to achieve greater results while saving time and energy, on her website for free to those interested in successful daily planning. Continue reading

Educational Spiritual Consultant Helps Women Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Acclaimed educational spiritual consultant Shelby Carino is helping women achieve spiritual awakening through a series of educational courses. The processes she teaches have helped many women overcome detachment and anxiety. Continue reading

Wellness Breakthrough Academy Founder Says Unworthiness Is Key to Success

Wellness Breakthrough Academy founder and respected mentor, Jason Irving, recently shared his thoughts on how unworthiness is the critical breakthrough towards success. Based in Canberra, Australia, Irving works with people around the globe through mentorship-focused guidance. Continue reading

Financial Organizing Masterclass: Save Money Every Month, Says Brand

Organized & Energized is offering a two-part online Financial Organizing Masterclass that demonstrates how to save money every month by simply getting organized. Continue reading

Awaken Sexy Weight Loss Body Transformation Blueprint to Success, Says Author

Robb Evans is an award-winning fitness and weight loss authority who is sharing his book, “Awaken the Sexy Within” with people wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or regain their energy through a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Dr. Kevin Fleming Shares Tips on Mental Wellness Optimization

Renowned neuroscience-based consultant and coach, Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, has recently shared five tips to help individuals optimize their mental wellness. Dr. Fleming is the President & CEO of Grey Matters International Inc. Continue reading

90-Day Program to “Find-Get-Keep-Build” Exceptional Relationships Launched

Relationship Minibooks has released a new 90-day program that helps people looking for love to find-get-keep-build exceptional relationships. The program is divided into workbooks with questions and exercises and videos. Continue reading

Harmony Decision Maker App for Better, Faster Decisions Launched

Goldratt Research Labs announces the launch of its Harmony Decision Maker, an application that helps users make better, faster decisions. The app is available for Android, and Apple devices as well as via Amazon and as an online version. Continue reading