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BoddyGift Popmakers – Treating Body and Buddy of Pop-lovers in All Situations

Lebice is launching their new gadget to prepare healthy and tasty homemade snacks: the BoddyGift Popmakers. These are the first available popsicle molds that combine reusable and disposable sticks.

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Food4Patriots Makers Ready for Fulfillment of Ted Koppel’s Prediction

Food4Patriots officials believe Americans should prepare for a scenario predicted by former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel. A cyber attack against the U.S. electrical grid could produce a run on grocery stores, quickly emptying shelves.

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Food4Patriots Customers Ready for Power Outages… Regardless What Causes Them

Blackouts can result due to a wide variety of reasons and can occur at any time. Officials at 4Patriots LLC recommend that homeowners stock up on nutritious, long-lasting emergency food such as what is provided by Food4Patriots.

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Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix Becoming a Food4Patriots Star

Fruits and vegetables taste great when they’re fresh, but Food4Patriots officials say their new Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix will still taste great in 25 years.

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Food4Patriots Puts Emphasis on Healthy Foods While Americans Snack

The stress of dealing with a crisis that involves stores running out of food and water will be intense. Food4Patriots officials suggest storing nutritious foods rather than focusing on snacks.

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Fizik Publishing releases new cookbook “Eat Good, Feel Good”

World renowned culinary author Andrew Kissée in partnership with Fizik Publishing, is proud to announce the publication of “Eat Good, Feel Good.” This cookbook has over 110 recipes with high resolution photos that are incredibly simple to follow.

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12 Foods That Make You Fat Sick and Depressed

Many foods can make people fat, sick or depressed but they may be surprised by which ones. Learn about the damage these “free radicals” can do to the body and how to counteract those effects.

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