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Real Estate Worldwide Brings Elite Investor’s Coaching Team to the Public

Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) has been quietly garnering an elite team of the best in the business over the last several months and real estate investors everywhere, both new and seasoned, are benefiting hugely.

Nation’s Premier Real Estate Investing Team to Host Exclusive Event in San Diego

On January 30, 2015 Kent Clothier and the country’s most successful real estate investing team from Real Estate Worldwide will be hosting a 3-day real estate investment training event in beautiful La Jolla, California.

Real Estate Worldwide Investment Experts Give Free Live Training in Phoenix

Real Estate Worldwide’s team of real estate investment experts will be headed for Arizona November 18 through 21, 2014, where they will spend four days conducting two free, live training events per day for investors in the greater Phoenix area.

Real Estate World Wide Investment Experts Give Free Training Events in Colorado

Colorado is to welcome Real Estate World Wide investment experts during the month of October, where five different cities will host a total of ten live, free real estate investment training events.

Real Estate Investing Just Got Easier With Free Offer From Wholesaling Expert

Kent Clothier, expert real estate investor and multi-billion dollar success story, reveals his own top-secret tools and tactics in a free, four-hour DVD course, thus helping new, and established investors alike, take their business to the next level.

Real Estate Worldwide Brings Expert Investment Training To Chicago, IL. Market

Real Estate Worldwide’s team of real estate investment experts are presenting three special, one day, free training events, in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Real Estate World Wide Investment Experts Bring Free Training Events To Texas

Real Estate World Wide’s team of real estate investment experts are presenting three special, one day, free training events, in the Texas greater Dallas – Fort Worth area.

Real Estate Investing: Free Live Training in San Francisco Bay Area

Kent Clothier, Todd Dotson and Real Estate World Wide (REWW) present three new live training events in the California Bay area. Get IN, Get Out, Get Paid, a highly successful series of one-day trainings, is slated for San Francisco and San Jose February 21- 23, 2014.

Kent Clothier Releases a Series of Free Lessons for Real Estate Investors

In a step-by-step series of free real estate investment training lessons for New Investors, Kent Clothier discloses his strategies, his methods, his philosophies and his systems without charging a penny.

Kent Clothier Presents a Special Interview with Financial Expert Greg Herlean

Kent Clothier has invited his own mentor and financial advisor Greg Herlean to conduct an exclusive interview for his students and REWW members. Slated for Friday January 31, 2014 at 3pm EST, Clothier and Herlean will be sharing a wealth of information with investors and entrepreneurs all over the country.

Kent Clothier Releases 2 Reports Revealing Great News for Real Estate Investors

Giving real estate investors everywhere a taste of what is in store for them on the cash buyers market, and also a clue as to just how many vacant properties are available out there, Kent Clothier releases two free reports, generated by his cutting edge real estate investment systems Find Cash Buyers and Find Motivated Sellers Now.

Kent Clothier Presents 3 Days of Free Real Estate Investment Training

Kent Clothier and his team of experts are presenting three free, one-day training courses on real estate investing in Southern California. Open to the public, it is only a matter of signing up to reserve a space and then showing up for the course.