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Hearing Amplifier with INR Technology Protects from Sharp Impact Sounds

BHearing, a recently launched hearing amplifier from Jabees, is helping users remain safe from sharp impact sounds. The hearing amplifiers are also equipped with features such as feedback cancellation, noise reduction, frequency adjustment, and much more. Continue reading

Hearing Aids for All Environments Receive Accolades on Amazon

BHearing PSAP headphones from Jabees are now gaining popularity on Amazon. These all-environment hearing aids are equipped with a plethora of cool features including noise reduction, clear hearing, dual microphones, feedback cancellation, and more. Continue reading

Hearing Amplifiers with Noise Reduction From Noted Brand Hit Amazon

Jabees BHearing hearing amplifiers for adults and seniors are now up for sale in Amazon. These PSAP headphones are equipped with several brilliant features such as noise reduction, clear hearing, dual microphone, feedback cancellation, etc.
Continue reading

Hearing Amplifiers Help Improve Hearing in any Environment

BHearing personal hearing amplifiers from Jabees are now helping users understand conversations better, regardless of the environment. The device functions as hearing aid and helps create a personalized hearing profile. Continue reading

  • Date: Dec 06, 2018
  • Category: Health

Affordablehearingaidcenters.com is a new online Hearing Aid Directory

The Hearing Aid Directory provides visitors to their website with contact information for local hearing aid centers, and helps to answer many common questions surrounding hearing aids and hearing health. Continue reading

  • Date: Apr 26, 2016
  • Category: Health

Beltone Hearing Care Centers In Northern California Launches New Website

Beltone Hearing Aid Corporation was founded over 70 years ago and is still top of its field in hearing aid technology innovation and customer satisfaction. Anthony Hinson owns and operates a total of five Beltone Hearing Aid locations in Northern California. Hinson’s Northern California Beltone locations are in the process of launching a new website built by Magic Marketing to help Northern California customers with hearing loss find a Beltone location near them and to provide visitors with hearing aid and hearing health information. Continue reading

New Hearing Aids in Atlanta Help People Cope With Hearing Loss

The Atlanta Hearing Doctor announces new hearing aids that take the hard work out of coping with hearing loss. Continue reading

  • Date: Feb 22, 2014
  • Category: Health

Advanced Hearing Introduces Several New Hearing Aid Models

Advanced Hearing offers one of the largest selections of hearing aids available in a single location. The professionals at Advanced Hearing can fit almost anyone with the right hearing aid model from their expanded selection. Continue reading