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Business Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Guests for the Week of October 18

Popular Business podcast “Lunch With Norm” features e-commerce and social media experts Vinay Patankar, Nick Penev and Cassandra Craven for the week of October 18. The podcast arms small business owners with the latest tools and advice from the top players in the industry. Continue reading

Amazon VA for Sellers Worldwide Now Available at Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA)

Many Amazon sellers worldwide are now relying on Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA) for hiring a dedicated Amazon VA for their business. VAA offers comprehensive VA services following a thorough screening and selection process. Continue reading

Hiring an Amazon Expert VA Made Easy by Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA)

Virtual Assistants play a critical role in the success of any e-commerce business. More and more Amazon sellers now rely on Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA) when it comes to hiring an Amazon expert VA to fit their needs. Continue reading

Rockman Advisory and StratVisor Merge To Help Businesses Achieve Best Practices

Rockman Advisory is one of the leading companies that offer fractional C-suite services, outsourced C-suite and C-suite consulting services on an as needed basis. With its FLAME and SPA strategies, it aims to create tailored fit solutions for any company. Merging with StratVisor increases its hold on its customers by providing the most efficient online services using tools for RA and industry best practices. For more information about Rockman Advisory visit their official site at For StratVisor http://www.stratvisor,com/surveys. Continue reading

Rockman Advisory Announces A Marketing Program That Drives Social Media ROI

Rockman Advisory has recently announced a marketing plan to help businesses increase return on investment by focusing a portion of their marketing efforts on social media. They explained that consumers are now more inclined to evaluate a business based on their interactions in social media rather than using traditional marketing tactics. Continue reading

Social Media Advocate Educator Tami Patzer Creates Online Social Media Courses

Social Media Advocate and Educator Tami Patzer, owner of Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI LLC, is currently offering two online Social Media courses via Florida Gulf Coast University’s (FGCU) Continuing Education and Off-Campus Programs. Continue reading

Pinterest Boot Camp Webinars Begin November 5, 2014

Pinterest makes for simple marketing for service-based businesses. Pinterest generates revenue indirectly by driving traffic to an owner’s site, where the true conversion can happen. Continue reading

New BPC Branding Platform: Integrating Social Media into The Marketing Mix!

Business Performance Company (BPC), which has a record of accomplishment delivering solid strategy, and targeted research to Fortune 500 corporations, regional companies and non-profit organizations nationwide, announced its new Branding & Messaging Platform today. The Platform is a system specifically designed to integrate and maximize the use of Social Media. Continue reading

McCarty Business Management Xtreme explains how local businesses are losing money Where does a new start-up business begin with their marketing plan? *NOT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. The team at McCarty Business Management Xtreme has honed into the Houston and Austin area markets to educate and help local businesses with getting companies’ online marketing foundation done correctly. Continue reading

Marketing Houston Group is helping Houston companies build brands on and offline

Houston-based businesses listen up! Marketing Houston Group ( is a 2 year old company and growing fast. With roots all the way back to the 1998 internet revolution, MHG was founded by 2 friends who met in the late 90’s. With backgrounds in music and design, the gentlemen both bring a unique mixture of talent to the table. Specializing in marketing, they bring the latest technologies and marketing techniques to the Houston market and beyond. Continue reading

Bringing Vintage into the Digital Age: A classic car show gets a modern touch

( There was a new addition to the Concours d’Elegance of Texas event this year to allow participants to show off pictures of their favorite cars to friends and family. The Family Concours wants participants to reach out through social media channels. Continue reading

Text Nerd Announces New Web Site and Services

Text Nerd Strategic Marketing helps business owners understand how to implement Mobile and Social Media into their overall marketing strategy. Continue reading

Website Service Pros New Website Simplifies Business Owner’s Lives

Website Service Pros offers a myriad of services to simplify business owner’s professional lives. A virtual go-to-spot for all things marketing the site is an easy resource for well done services. Continue reading