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Music Box & Companion AR App Designed by Military Family Trends on Amazon

The Memory Building Company’s music box with a modern twist has become a popular gift choice for little girls among Amazon shoppers. In addition to the boxes themselves, the company has created an AR app called Wonderstruck that brings them to life.

Musical Jewelry Boxes Come to Life Through Augmented Reality Companion App

The Memory Building Company is excited to announce that its hand-made musical jewelry boxes now come with an augmented reality app. The free Wonderstruck app is integrated with the music box to bring it to life and deliver an inspirational message.

Remote-Control Robot for Kids Launches Just in Time for Christmas

Think Gizmos has announced the launch of its new children’s remote-control robot for the Christmas shopping season. With features such as remote control, voice recording and disk firing, the product is now available via Amazon.

Remote Control Robot with Voice Recording Slides into Amazon UK

Think Gizmos, a UK-based manufacturer of innovatively designed toys, has recently launched its remote-control robot on Amazon UK. This RoboShooter comes with cool features such as voice recording, disk firing, walking, sliding, talking, and more.

Whack a Frog Game for Kids Trends on Amazon & Becomes Choice Product

Think Gizmos’ recently launched learning toy for children, Whack a Frog, is now an Amazon’s Choice product. Though designed for boys and girls aged 3 to 8 years, this toy is the perfect fun gift for children and adults.

Kids’ Inline Skates with LED Light-Up Wheels Roll into Amazon

Xino Sports, the original innovator of the very popular inline roller skate, is offering two new styles to its line-up of kids’ inline skates for boys and girls, all of which feature LED light-up wheels.

Kid’s Seatbelt Pillow Eases Moms’ Car Ride Toddler Woes with Fluffy Friend

Tulatoo’s popular kid’s seatbelt pillow is now making lives easier for moms who must frequently drive with their toddlers. This 100% polyester pillow provides proper neck support for children, while its unicorn-themed design keeps them engaged.

Car Seatbelt Pillow for Kids from Noted Seller Now Comes in Two Styles

Following the success of its popular unicorn seat belt pillow, Tulatoo recently introduced another version of its car seatbelt pillow for kids in the form of a dinosaur pillow. Both are designed to ensure safe car travel for children.

Kids’ Seatbelt Pillow with Dinosaur Spin Makes a Splash on Amazon

From renowned toy seller, Tulatoo, comes a new kids’ seatbelt pillow in the shape of a cute, green dinosaur. According to the company, it is not only a fun travel companion but also keeps children safe during long road trips.

Seatbelt Pillow for Kids’ Travel Offers Protection from Neck Injuries

Tulatoo’s relaunched Unicorn Travel Pillow is now emerging as a popular seatbelt pillow for kids’ travel on Amazon. This pillow supports children’s necks while riding in the car.

Car Seat Belt Pillow Kids Can Play with During Long Trips Now on Amazon

Tulatoo, a manufacturer of toys for children, emphasizes the importance of using a car seat belt pillow kids can interact with during long journeys. The company says that its dinosaur pillow offers children something to play with while traveling.

Kids’ Seat Belt Pillow for Boys Makes Long Travels Enjoyable, Says Brand

Tulatoo’s recently relaunched dinosaur travel pillow is designed to keep children engaged and entertained during long, boring journeys. These kids’ seat belt pillows are safe for children aged three or more.

Kids’ Seat Belt Pillow Receives Praise from Parents for Fun & Comfort

Tulatoo’s popular unicorn kids seat belt pillow has received positive feedback from parents for keeping children happy during long car rides.

Dinosaur Explorer Kit for Boys and Girls Hits Amazon Market

IVY STEP, an experienced manufacturer of educational toys for children, has recently launched its dinosaur explorer kit on Amazon. This innovatively designed toy promotes creativity, social skills, and independence in children by encouraging them to play.

Modeling Clay for Slime & Sensory Learning Fun Gets Amazon’s Choice

SMITCO’s clay for slime and sensory learning has recently been awarded an Amazon’s Choice badge. The set is one of the largest of its kind on the marketplace.

Modeling Clay for Kids Helps Promote Play Based Learning, Say Experts

SmitCo LLC’s recently launched modeling clay for kids is helping children pick up important developmental skills while keeping them away from too much screen time. With 36 fun colors, this clay set offers endless creative possibilities.

Gift Sets for Girls with Passcode Lock Help Keep Secrets Safe

SmitCo LLC’s recently launched horse-themed scrapbook for girls is now doubling as a journal. With its passcode lock, this scrapbook helps users keep all their information and secret details safe and well-protected.

Modeling Clay for Kids with CPC Certificate Now Available on Amazon

SmitCo LLC’s latest product Air Dry Clay Modeling set is a recipient of the Children’s Product Certificate as per the CPSIA requirements. This non-toxic and safe product for kids is currently available on Amazon.

Horse Gifts for Girls from Trusted Brand Shines on Amazon

SmitCo LLC, a manufacturer of innovative play learning products for kids, has recently discussed the fun facts related to scrapbooking. The company’s scrapbooking kit and horse toys for girls is now selling successfully in Amazon.

Mindfulness Cards for Kids Gets Amazon’s Choice, Praise for Core Mission

A mindfulness cards for kids game by InnerIcons has recently received the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge. This social skills game was designed to teach mindfulness to children, teens and adults.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Kids Game Reaches Reviews Milestone

InnerIcons, the brand behind popular cognitive behavioral therapy for kids games, is making an impact on Amazon with its play therapy card game. This product has recently achieved the milestone of over 100 Amazon reviews.

Air Dry Clay for Kids Becomes Part of Amazon’s Transparency Program

SmitCo’s Air Dry Modeling Clay for Kids, a new product from the brand, is now part of Amazon’s Transparency Program. This self-hardening air dry clay set is designed to encourage play-based learning for kids.

Scrapbooking Kit for Girls Aims to Mindfully Educate and Inspire

SmitCo LLC, the brand behind several innovative play learning products for kids, has recently relaunched its scrapbooking kit for girls set. The brand says the purpose of this set is to increase inspiration and creativity in girls.

Scrapbook Craft Sets for Girls Promote Creativity, Less Screen Time

SmitCo’s horse scrapbook craft kits for girls age 5-7 keep children engaged for long hours, reducing screen-time significantly. The handy and versatile sets are ideal for parents who want to limit the negative effects of technology on their children.

Kids Card Games Provide Mindfulness Lessons for Entire Family

InnerIcon’s mindfulness education card game is now helping families to engage in group learning in a fun way. With close to 100 reviews, this mindfulness therapy game is currently an extremely popular Amazon product.

Preschool Crafts Set Among Largest of its Kind on Amazon

SmitCo pop beads, a product made to encourage children’s learning, is making a strong impact on Amazon. One of the largest DIY jewelry-sets on Amazon, this product has been used for children’s parties, pre-schools and individual play.

Toddler Jewelry for Girls Set Becomes Top Pick for Kids’ Parties

SmitCo LLC’s recently released toddler jewelry for girls set is quickly emerging as a top choice for kids’ parties and preschool activities. With as many as 725 pieces per set, it is one of the largest DIY jewelry kits on Amazon.

Educational Board Games Brand Receives Accolades on Amazon

InnerIcons, a popular manufacturer of educational board games, is receiving excellent reviews from Amazon shoppers. The company’s recently launched mindfulness therapy game has been recommended by several mindfulness counselors and therapists.

Pop Snap Beads for Kids from Trademarked Brand Exceeds Safety Standards

SmitCo LLC’s recently launched product, pop snap beads for kids, is successfully selling on Amazon. With a registered trademark, SmitCo is a reliable manufacturer of innovatively designed and safe products for children.

Toys for Autism Brand Comments on Mindfulness Education in Schools

InnerIcons recently commented on the growing trend around the world to include mindfulness education in schools. The company’s toys for autism are suitable for all, including kids with autism.