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Unique Relaxation Gifts for Kids with Mindful Benefits Gain Popularity

InnerIcons, an Amazon seller known for its effective mindfulness therapy games, has recently discussed how mindfulness education can help a child relax. The company’s mindfulness card game is available on Amazon for $16.97.

Kids Stress Relief Toys Brand Announces Relaunch of Mindfulness Games

InnerIcons will run an Amazon Lightning Deal on September 13 for the relaunch of its popular stress relief toys for kids, Mindfulness Therapy Games. This popular card game for teens and children has been designed to teach mindfulness to kids, teens and adults.

Metal Detector for Kids Launch Promises Waterproof, Treasure-Finding Fun

The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is a kid-friendly version of its iconic Pro Series model.

Air Dry Clay for Kids with 36 Colors Launches on Amazon

SmitCo LLC has released its latest modeling clay set on Amazon. The air dry clay for kids was designed with care to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

Girls’ Secret Journal and Diary Boosts Creativity, Expression of Thoughts

SmitCo is excited to announce the launch of its girls’ journal on Amazon. The secret hardcover journal has 300 double-sided lined pages, a heart-shaped lock and two silver keys for little girls, providing tons of ways to create and imagine.

Snap Pop Beads Kit for Kids Launches, Promotes Creativity & Learning

SmitCo LLC has just announced that its new Pop Beads Kit is now available on Amazon. This sensory stimulating toy is designed to encourage creativity and develop fine motor skills in young children.

Secret Girls’ Diary Achieves the Milestone of 100 Amazon Reviews

SmitCo LLC’s popular, secret girl diary has received 100 user reviews on Amazon to date. With attractive features, such as an invisible ink pen and blacklight, the product addresses all the diary-writing needs of little girls.

Horse Scrapbook for Kids Praised as Perfect Gift for Girls

SMITCO releases its horse scrapbook that fosters creativity and is a trendsetting gift for girls.

Adult Party Card Game Crowd Pleaser Makes Highly Awaited Return on Amazon

Think You Can Text? adult party card game is again available on Amazon after it was sold out in just one day last May.