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Dock Blocks joins the National Marine Manufacturers Association

Dock Blocks of North America is joining the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

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Frux Home and Yard Tea Lights With Wraps Selected as Amazon’s Choice

Amazon hand selects popular products that customers search and purchase to be featured as their Amazon’s choice; this allows people to know that the product is recommended on for a search term. Frux Home and Yard’s listing for their flameless tea lights was selected in January.

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Perfect Nail Solutions Launches New Tea Tree Oil Based Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Irwindale, California based Perfect Nail Solution has recently announced the launch of their tea tree oil foot soak that acts as a natural treatment for athlete’s foot. The company explains that numerous studies have proven the anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil, making it a suitable ingredient for treating fungal infections.

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Frux Home and Yards Top Rated Flameless Tea Lights With Wraps Offers User Guide On Before Purchase

Frux Home and Yard is a family-owned, American based business providing high-quality products at affordable prices. With the desire to improve customer satisfaction and simplify shopping, Frux Home and Yard has announced that all of their Tea Lights with Wraps will now feature a user-friendly PDF guide.

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Perfect Hair Focus Releases New Coconut Oil Based Hair Serum

Perfect Hair Focus, the Irwindale, California based company announces the launch of their exclusive coconut oil hair serum on Amazon.

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In less than 90 days, has achieved incredible growth in both number of apps reviewed and customer reviews.

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Career Resume Consulting Wins Top Awards for Career Search Services

Career Resume Consulting has been selected for the 2017 Kansas City Award in both the Executive Career Search Services and Resume Writing Services categories by the Kansas City Award Program. This is the sixth year the firm has one the award in both categories.

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Kitchiteria Launches Dual Purpose Beverage Bottle

Kitchiteria has announced the launch of its new environmentally friendly dual-purpose beverage bottle for hot and cold beverages.

Posted in Consumer | Tagged , , , , | 2 Comments Makes Reviewing Dinner Options a Science

Millions of people worldwide are turning to meal delivery services to feed their families but wonder who should they choose. introduces the first ever rating system for meal delivery services.

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MealDeliveryReviewer Launches Information Resource

With dozens of meal delivery services to choose from, consumers are faced with the difficult decision. Picking who is going to feed them and their families.

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Madbury Road Ranked #1 Outdoor Furniture Store in Multiple Areas on Yelp

Madbury Road, one of the nation’s leading outdoor furniture providers for both commercial and residential purposes, is ranked the top outdoor furniture store on Yelp in multiple areas spanning the country.

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In an AARP study, 9 out of 10 adults (ages 50 and over) said they wanted to actively seek out learning opportunities to keep current, grow personally, and enjoy the simple pleasure of mastering something new. Well that’s exactly what Freedom Fifty U Workshops presents ~ unique, inspiring, education for those in their second fifty.

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Local Businessman Awarded Special Reverse Mortgage Designation

Only 115 individuals nationwide currently have the CRMP credential.

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Frux Home and Yard Announces New Addition to Popular Lighting Collection

Frux Home and Yard has just added an exciting new product to their decorative lighting collection: Metal Lanterns

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LeParfait Sets Social Media Abuzz With New Product Line

LeParfait has set the online world abuzz with its line of innovative products. Consistently trending on Facebook, Twitter, and the Amazon network, the company delivers quality items at affordable prices.

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Documentary Reveals Opportunities For 50+

A new documentary, “Your Second Fifty,” YSF discusses a variety of opportunities open to those in the second half of life. Covering mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual concerns, Frank Moffatt, producer of the YSF documentary says, “It reminds 50+ers of all that’s possible during this prosperous, thriving, exciting time of life.”

Posted in Consumer | Tagged , , , , | 1 Comment Introduces Space-Planners

Office Furniture 4 Sale has an internal team of “space-planners” to not only make clients’ offices look great, but also create a highly functioning space – on a budget.

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LeParfait Unveils “2 Minute Face Lift” Serum

Leading health and beauty company LeParfait recently announced their new 2 Minute Face Lift anti-aging serum.

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Best Hair Restoration Clinic: AlviArmani Wins the 2015 Consumer Choice Award

AlviArmani has been selected as the 2015 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Hair Restoration. Through an independent market research survey, the consumers and businesses have selected The AlviArmani Clinic as the best hair restoration clinic in the Hair Transplant Industry.

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Le Parfait Introduces Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen For Winter

Introducing the Le Parfait Skin Care Winter Skin care regimen. It is an easy and effective way to protect and rejuvenate the skin from the harshness of winter.

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American Colors Release Striking New Womens Plaid Shirt

American Colors, the California-based clothing manufacturer, announced the addition of new plaid shirts for women to the lineup. These new pieces feature updated fits and the classic style the brand is known for.

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HERBALIZER keeps customers informed with new videos

How-to videos help customers get the most from devices.

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Home Standard, Announces Essential Oils and Diffuser Blog Named Aromasent

Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser Blog will focus on essential oils advice, how to safely use essential oils in diffusers and other methods, reviews of products that diffuse essential oils in various ways, recipes for effective beauty, health and cleaning solutions to replace harsh chemical products, products that use essential oils safely in the home, and other topics related to essential oils. The blog is kicking off with tips for using essential oil for spring cleaning and more.

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Easter 2015 Falls On The First Weekend in April

With Easter falling in April this year, most outdoor gardens will be ready for Easter Egg hunts. Whether traditional pastels or more modern day brights, dyed Easter eggs hidden in our gardens will be much prettier on April’s green spring grass than on the stark white snow that covers most of the north and east well throughout March this year.

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St Patrick’s Day in North America Becoming More Celebrated Than In Ireland.

As the luck of the Irish is soon to fall upon us, North Americans are gearing up for fun-filled festivities that are making the Irish green with envy.

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Frux Home and Yard Warns Against Winter Damage

With spring just around the corner, Frux Home and Yard is reminding consumers that making the investment in your home and yard with a detailed and thorough home inspection is a wise idea. Home owners could save thousands of dollars by identifying winter damage due the adverse affects of ice, snow and polar winds over the harsh winter months well before it leads to further problems and expense.

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Frux Home and Yard Reminds Everyone That Valentines Day Is Only Two Weeks Away

With Valentines Day right around the corner, Frux Home and Yard wants to remind everyone that it’s not too late to get LED Flameless Tea Lights for those romantic Valentines Day evenings.

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Gung Hay Fat Choy – Frux Home and Yard Wishes You A Prosperous Year Of The Sheep

Although the Western World honors the Gregorian calendar and celebrates New Years Day on January 1st, a great deal of the Eastern hemisphere is soon to begin their New Year’s celebration.

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HGTV’s Todd Hill Launches Flipping Big – Real Estate Training Website

HGTV’s Flip it to Win it star Todd Hill is pleased to introduce Flipping Big, a real estate training website that offers insightful tips and strategies on proven systems to find, fund and flip houses quickly and easily.

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Cave Tools Releases New eCommerce Website

Cave Tools, a brand of high end barbecue and cooking products has just launched their newest website on an e commerce platform called shopify. Building on the success of their former site, the new site welcomes valued users, aiding them with simple navigation and factual advice.

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